Nicolas Anelka had taken up the offer to play in China

When Nicolas Anelka had taken up the offer to play in China four years back, it was surprising for a lot of people.

Obviously people knew that there would have been plenty of cash involved in making Anelka sign that deal, but, at that stage of his career where he was still good enough to play for the European clubs, if it was right for the Frenchman to do that, nobody was too sure,
But, ever since, it seems to be becoming quite common now in professional Football that players, who still have a quite a bit to offer to the big teams, are moving to remote places and featuring in lesser known leagues.

The other big name in the game to do so after Anelka was Robinho.

The Brazilian playmaker enjoyed a lot of success playing for his nation as well as for various top clubs, but, he surprised people too last year when he made his way to China.

And, he was quickly joined over there by his compatriot Paulinho.

Paulinho’s move was actually more surprising in comparison to that of Robinho as he was only in his late twenties and his best days were probably ahead of him.

He had been doing well in England playing for the Spurs, Paulinho.

But, he still didn’t mind moving to a country where he would not be able to achieve as much satisfaction as a player as he would do in Europe or South America.

And, it’s not only China which is attracting these established players.

The Leagues in countries like Singapore and others are also landing some well known internationals and it’s only going to become more frequent in future which, in a sense, is pretty good for the game of Football.