Didier Drogba knows that he is a role model for the youth

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has stated that he is a role model for the young people and that he wants to do everything he can in order to impact the youth positively.

Speaking to a Canadian radio, he said that he is a model for all the young players that want to succeed in the footballing world.

He said that it is not only his footballing skills that have brought him success but also his hard work. He believes that if you want to succeed you need to learn to play in a team and also to sacrifice yourself for the team. You need to learn how to trust your partners and how to inspire trust to others. It is all these qualities that you make you a good footballer.

Didier Drogba said that he worked hard to reach where he is. He said that at the start of his career he was not regular in his performance. Someone once told him that it is no use being good on the training pitch if you cannot play like that in competitive matches. This is what prompted him to make changes to the way he plays. He had to improve his performance on the pitch to make sure that he was consistently playing at a high level.

Speaking about the Major League Soccer, he believes that the level of football has improved significantly during recent years, and he think that it will keep on improving. He said that the arrival of players such as David Villa and Kaka has significantly improved the level and that the level of local players has been increasing as well. He said that in the years to come, the Major League Soccer will become more competitive and that will be seen in the quality of the United States players.