Didier Drogba is confident on Phoenix FC

Didier Drogba is confident that Phoenix FC will develop very, very quickly as a club in the coming years.

At present, Phoenix is in tier two, but, they are one of the strong contenders to earn a promotion to the Major League Soccer in 2018 or 19 and they have done their chances no harm by adding Drogba to their ranks.

Drogba is the biggest player that Phoenix has signed so far in terms of stature and experience. They want the Ivorian legend to be the chief promoter of the team’s MLS bid.

Drogba has been roped in by Phoenix not only for his playing services. He has actually been given a minor stake in the club and he is effectively a part of the ownership group which has the possession of the club.

It’s probably the first instance in the soccer history that someone who has a stake in the club will represent the club on the pitch as a player and Drogba seems to be pretty thrilled about it.

The 39-year old is, however, not expected to play for a great length of time for Phoenix. It is believed that he will feature in a few games in the on-going season and then will concentrate fully on his ownership duties only.
But it doesn’t matter really whether he plays or not, he will surely be phoenix’s identity when they start their campaign in Major League Soccer

Drogba had many propositions on his platter at the start of this year. He could have gone to Chelsea as a coach or could have gone to the big money leagues of Middle-East as a player, but, he decided to reject everything and try his hand as an owner when that opportunity came from Phoenix.

Didier Drogba Says Phoenix Rising on the Verge of an Amazing Journey

Former Chelsea forward Didier Drogba recently began the next adventure in his career after joining Phoenix Rising FC, as a player-owner.

Even though he has signed a two-year contract to play at the club, Drogba will eventually own the club. Phoenix Rising are looking to be part of the MLS in the near future, and Drogba believes that he chose the Phoenix Rising offer since it was unparalleled amongst the plethora that he received after leaving Montreal Impact at the end of the 2016 MLS season. The 39-year-old striker is the player, ambassador, and owner of the club.

He says that Phoenix Rising can be part of a great ride over the next few years, as they could potentially be playing against the likes of Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy in the MLS. While this would require significant investment, Drogba is prepared to do the same in order to benefit the club. Continue reading “Didier Drogba Says Phoenix Rising on the Verge of an Amazing Journey”