The Ivory Coast striker, Didier Drogba has recently been in the limelight for reasons which might be quite stupid to him. He has rubbished off any rumor which goes on to say that he gave the half time speech to the team.

The usual procedure that is followed is that the Chelsea boss Andre Villas Boas gives a speech to the team during the half time to build their confidence and make each of them aware of any faults which they should better on during the next half.

However, during the last match with Birmingham city, Didier Drogba might have made a continuation speech followed just after Andre Villas Boas had finished his. However this should not be considered as one where he made the entire speech during the half time. He specifically emphasizes on the point that apart from the coach and the boss, there are other important, key players in the team who can put in a word of advice and that does not mean that they are taking control over the team themselves.

He remains adamant to his point that he has just done what the manager would have wanted them to do. Chelsea has anyway been having quite a bit of trouble in the recent past with their game performance and since they have managed to overcome these difficulties and perform well once again, it shouldn’t be of much trouble if this is brought about by some advice by senior players of the team.

Didier Drogba feels that the entire issue has been blown out of proportion and people should stop making such a huge issue out of nothing. Rather they should be happy that the team is improving instead of looking into minor details like these.