Didier Drogba – Icon for Chelsea Fans

Didier Drogba is an icon for fans of Chelsea as the Ivorian forward played a crucial role a few years ago in the title winning seasons for the English club where they managed on winning 3 Premier League titles and Drogba also was at the center stage of Europe when he scored the last penalty kick when playing in the finals of the 2011-12 Champions League as Chelsea defeated Bayern Munich.

Even with everything that Drogba has accomplished with Chelsea, it seemed rather dubious and questionable to many fans of the club when Drogba signed a 12 month loan deal with Chelsea.

At the age of 36 Didier Drogba signed a season long contract with Chelsea and this sparked a series of doubts as if the Premier League club would truly be in need of signing the Ivorian striker as Jose Mourinho had already signed Diego Costa from Athletic Madrid but Drogba continues to amaze as he has managed to step it up during the moments when Diego Costa has not been able to play due to injuries.

Drogba dropped a hint which suggested that this could probably be his last season as a player of Chelsea and he wants to end his time playing at Stamford Bridge on a high note by winning even more major titles.

Drogba said: “This year the key for me is to enjoy my football and to be with my team-mates and to win trophies. There is one more year to go so let’s do it, let’s win more trophies, let’s make history again. I wanted to come back to the club where I made history and I still feel there is a lot of history to achieve to here and I wanted to come back home it was simple.”

Drogba has been linked with a managerial role at Stamford Bridge as the Ivorian footballer is being viewed as a potential coach for Chelsea in the future but even with his impressive string of performances that he has made, it’s highly likely that this will be the last season of Drogba not only with Chelsea but as a player before he decides to hang up his boots and retire.