Didier Drogba on Mason Mount’s Exit

Didier Drogba on Mason Mount’s Exit

Didier Drogba offers his expert opinion on different events and incidents that occur in the world of professional football. Recently he talked about how Mason Mount exited the Chelsea team. It came after he reviewed Todd Boehly as the Blues owner.

Indeed, many consider Didier’s assessment to be scathing, when he reviewed Todd Boehly about two months ago. Since then he has been silent. However, he broke his silence recently to talk about Mason Mount and his leaving the Chelsea club. Last week the announcement was made about Mount moving to Manchester United. Indeed, Mason made the announcement himself, uploading a video message for his fans on Instagram. It confirmed that his contract with Chelsea ended on Tuesday night. However, he did not mention where he would be going. Instead, he talked about his time in west London.

Soon replies were flooding into his video. Drogba stood out in his comment when he pointed out that Mount had been a hero for the Chelsea team. Drogba’s comment reflected disappointment that Chelsea was bidding farewell to a talented player who had come up the ranks of their academy. Drogba has expressed his frustrations before also about how Chelsea is run.

Though he was a former striker for the Blues, he had reviewed the actions of the owners of the club in different instances. For instance, when Chelsea was eliminated from the Champions League this year he talked about it. He stated that Chelsea had class, especially during the era of Abramovich. However, they were lacking the same in recent times. He also stated how he found it hard when they lost talented players. Drogba talks about how the club needs to go back to the values and principles they once had.

Hence the move of Mason Mount recently has brought in comments from Didier. He states that the new club management lacked intelligent decision-making and leadership skills.

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