Didier Drogba Is Regarded as the Greatest Striker Florent Malouda Has Ever Played with

Didier DrogbaIs Regarded as the Greatest Striker Florent Malouda Has Ever Played with

Former Chelsea winger, Florent Malouda, recently expressed his admiration for former teammate Didier Drogba, labeling him the best striker he has ever played with. Malouda and Drogba shared the pitch at both Guingamp and Chelsea, playing a combined 188 games together. Malouda’s glowing endorsement of the Ivorian striker came during an interview with DAZN Bet, where he also praised Drogba’s resilience and ability to overcome obstacles.

Malouda marveled at Drogba’s ability to remain at the top of his game, despite Chelsea’s acquisition of other top strikers such as Nicolas Anelka and Fernando Torres during his tenure at the club. The former winger attributed Drogba’s success to his relentless work ethic, unwavering determination, and ability to excel in critical matches. In conclusion, Malouda valued Drogba’s worth today at over £200 million, undoubtedly a testament to the striker’s impact on the game and his place in Chelsea’s storied history.

Malouda spoke highly of his former teammate Didier Drogba, stating that while he believes Thierry Henry is the best in Premier League history, he would place Drogba at the top of the list for the best players he has played with. Malouda notes that Drogba’s mentality was his strongest asset, and his ability to play every game for club and country without many injuries was a testament to his endurance and skill.

As a number 9 and target player, Drogba possessed different qualities from players like Henry and Anelka, but he was a prolific scorer and had a tremendous impact on the game. Malouda believes that if Drogba were playing today, his value would be worth over £200m due to his impressive goal-scoring record and consistency on the pitch.

Throughout his time with Chelsea, Drogba amassed an impressive record of 164 goals in 381 appearances for the club, winning the Premier League golden boot twice during his tenure in England. Despite his success, Malouda believes that Drogba’s true value lies in his mentality and dedication to the sport, which set him apart as one of the greatest players of his generation.

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