Paris Saint Germain (PSG) star Kylian Mbappe has revealed his meeting with Didier Drogba at a young age. Kylian Mbappe wrote in a column for The Player’s Tribune on how he first met Chelsea legend Didier Drogba at a young age. According to him, he had visited London 11 years ago and that he was fortunate to meet Didier Drogba, who was at the peak of his powers back then. The Ivorian football legend took pictures with Kylian Mbapp eand he would later show his friends at his youth club AS Bondy. Kylian Mbappe said his friends didn’t believe him initially when he told them that he met Didier Drogba in London until he showed them proof via the pictures taken by his father.


Didier Drogba rules out Indian Super League stint

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has indicated that he has no plans of featuring in the Indian Super League as a player after recently calling time on his professional career. The Ivorian great decided to bow out of the playing field after 20 years in the game and he is now looking forward to a new phase of life.

Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Drogba highlighted that he has no plans of playing in the Indian Super League but he would do his part to encourage Indian football, he said:“I think there are other ways to encourage Indian football but I am not going to come out of retirement and play again. Once you announce that you are done it’s good to try to stick to it. I have done and achieved everything in the last 20 years so I think it’s time for me to relax a bit.”
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